Grid Reference -32.937866, 116.023962 (GDA)
Department DEC
Work Centre ?
District Wellington
Grading ?
Elevation (ASL) 484m
Height Original: 9m?
Second: 9m
Current: 20m
Construction Original: Timber
Second: Timber
Current: Steel
Cabin size Original: ?m x ?m
Second: ?m x ?m
Current: ?m x ?m
Public access to site ?
In use since Original: 1935 - 196?
Second: 1963 - 2001?
Current: 2002 -
The current tower. Photo was supplied in 2014

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2nd Mt. William in 19?? Photo was supplied by DEC-WA. Screenshot of old map supplied by MLC in late 2019.

The following quote is from an article in The Western Australian from Wednesday 5th Mar 1935, page 16:
During the past 12 months the scope of fire detection throughout the forest areas of the South-West had been extended by the erection of four additional fire towers, one near Sawyer's Valley, one at Teesdale (near Dwellingup), one on Mt. Keats and one on Mt. William, in the Yarloop area.

The second tower was replaced in 2002. We're still trying to find out if the 3 towers were at the exact same location. Please get in touch with us if you can help with this, thanks.

The original Mt. William tower. Photo was supplied by the 'Memories of Harvey' FaceBook
site in 2020 and used with permission. Photo courtesy Lillian Garnett.

Initially, the above photo was thought to be the Mt. Ross tower. That was proven to be wrong when a 1936 document surfaced and stated that the 'The 60 foot lookout tower was completed - on Mt. Ross'.
The tower was also known locally as the Tallanalla Lookout Tower, so then it did not take us long to determine that this was the original Mt. William tower.

The photos above, taken on the 2nd Nov 2016 during the re-construction, were supplied in Aug 2022 by Graeme Giudici from DBCA Bunbury and used with permission. Graeme also supplied the following information: 'The original structure was donated by a property developer. It was used at a private racetrack for the owner to watch his horses being trained. We started to have rust issues with the main structure and the cabin needed some work. With the tower being not so tall it was easier, cheaper and we would end up with a far better result by de-constructing, re-galvanising, re-furbishing the cabin and re-constructing the structure. This happened in 2016'.
Also thanks to Brad Bourke, also from DBCA Bunbury, for putting us in touch with Graeme.

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