Can you help with a photo?
Grid Reference -33.978198, 115.780626
Department DEC
Work Centre ?
District Blackwood
Grading ?
Elevation (ASL) ?m
Height 6m
Construction ?
Cabin size ?
Public access to site ?
In use since 1958 - 1962
Information supplied by MLC:
This tower appears on the listing of the first and last days manned, in the Detailed Annual Reports between the years 1958-59 and 1961-62.
In 58-59 it receives just a comment (On high hazards only), in 59-60 it was manned between 23 December and 2 April, in 60-61 it was manned between 17 December and 27 March, and in 61-62 another comment: Dismantled and removed.
To date, no photographs, schematics, or anecdotal evidence have been found to show its appearance. Two documents have been found so far which shed some light on the tower:

A temporary tower has been erected to about 20ft. Have you been given the position yet? If not, please arrange with Mr Morrison. It is probable that it will be replaced by a lookout on the other side of the river within a few years
. (Handwritten note in The Forest Department files, dated 13/10/58. The initialled signature appears to be DS. It is addressed to a Mr Jones)
A junior, R. Worthington, is at present being used to man Mt Folly tower. In the past, Folly tower has been used as a lookout, being manned as required depending on the hazard etc. It is now being manned as a full time tower. At the present time Worthington who is 17 years draws 72% of the basic rate. Permission is now sought to pay Worthington the full rate. He is the most capable employee available at present and the question should not arise that he is taking away a man's job as we are undermanned by about four men at the present time. (Official The Forest Department letterhead, sent to the Conservator of Forests, dated 21/10/60. Signed by A.R. Hill, ADFC).
(The reader will be pleased to learn that two days later a handwritten note was added to the foot of the letter stating ...the payment of this rate to Worthington must be approved)

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