Can you help with a photo?
Grid Reference -33.846046, 116.060501
Department DEC
Work Centre ?
District Blackwood
Grading ?
Elevation (ASL) ?m
Height 30m
Construction Tree
Cabin size ?
Public access to site ?
In use since 1952 - 1968?

This tree was felled in 1968.

Newspaper articles from 1952 and screenshot of old map supplied by MLC in late 2019

Here are some comments courtesy of a post on Facebook by the Bridgetown Historical Society. Collated and supplied by MLC in late 2019. A copy of the article can be found here

MLC also commented: One special thing I'd highlight was that in WA, it's probably the only lookout that more "civilians" would have climbed when it was on active service than Forestry people - just because of its location. It's unique in being so close to a regular township and not, at least as far as I can gather, located adjacent to Forestry premises or be otherwise "out of bounds" to everyday citizens just perambulating around.

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