Grid Reference -32.281676, 116.216246 approx.(GDA)
Department DEC
Work Centre ?
District Perth Hills
Grading ?
Elevation (ASL) 476m
Height 12m
Construction Timber
Cabin size ?
Public access to site Yes
In use since 1935 - 1965

The caption under the photo states: The fire tower on Eagel Hill, 35 miles (55km) from Perth in the Kelmscott forestry division.
The towers was condemned in 1965 and abandoned. On April 17th 1973, a directive came out to demolish the tower at the earliest oppertunity.

The photo was found on a photo collage on the following website: http://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/37842274
A copy of the full collage can be found here

There was also a single room hut and a corrugted water tank on site. Information supplied by Stephen Bateman.

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Screenshot of old map supplied by MLC in late 2019. MLC also reported:
No remains of tower, Located in current Monadnocks Conservation Park east of Albany Highway.

The West Australain Newspaper from 21st Jan 1936 reported: Major A. W- Bird, managing director of Millars Timber and Trading Company (UK) witnessed a demonstration near the Jarrahdale bush workings of the latest methods adopted by the Forests Department to fight forest fires. The party, led by the Conservator of Forests (Mr. S. L. Kessell), visited a fire look-out tower on Eagle Hill, near the 33-mile peg on the Albany-road, where the Forests Department to establishing a small forest settlement known as Glen Eagle. From the look-out tower Major Bird saw methods of accurate location of fires. Arrangements were made for the suppression of a fire by a specially trained gang of the department's employees.

MLC visited the site in early July 2020 and found it completely overgrown and he found no remains.

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