Grid Reference WF 484059
Department DEPI
Work Depot ?
Region North West
Grading ?
Elevation (ASL) 169m
Height Approx. 10m
Construction Galvanised Iron
Cabin size 1.5m x 1.5m
Public access to site No
In use since 1988
CFA Region ? -

This home made tower, constructed from an old bell tower, is held firm by wires attached to nearby trees. Information was found in the Wimmera Mail-Times of 14th March 2008. The article was a "Blast from the Past 17-03-1995"
Paper clipping supplied by Rhonda Barrand (Mt. Clay).

Structure is an old 8.6m section of hose drying tower (I think from Hopetoun originally? the other half of the tower ended up somewhere in Rainbow or something like that), haphazardly guyed to the surrounding trees. The lookout shelter is an old tractor cabin (approx. 1.5m x 1.5m) which has been welded to the top of the frame. The tower is located on private farm property, and has been unused for about 10 years. (information supplied by Richard Webb)

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2009, supplied by
Richard Webb
2009, supplied by
Richard Webb
2009, supplied by
Richard Webb

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