Grid Reference DV 291857
Department DEPI
Work Depot Wangaratta
Region North East
Grading Primary
Elevation (ASL) 370m
Height 12m
Construction Timber
Cabin size 2m x 2m
Public access to site Yes
In use since 1956 - 1991
CFA Region ? - North Eastern
Photo supplied by Terry Ashworth in Oct. 2011

This tower was a four-pole timber tower built in 1955-56, topped by a timber and iron cabin, two metres square. Footings were blasted in granite and the legs of the structure were iron bark (eucalyptus sideroxylon), dressed with a broadaxe.
The tower was hit by vandals in December 1965. Windows were smashed, telephone line and insulators broken, the hut was extensively damaged and the water tank was drained.
An inspection of the tower in April 1966 found serious white ant damage in 3 of the 4 legs of the tower. It was recommended that the tower be replaced with a 40' (12m) steel tower.
28-11-1966: "Sapwood has been removed where affected by white ants, and concrete poured between 3 affected legs of the tower and the concrete base of same. Re-inforcing rods could not be fitted because of confined space. Creosote has been applied where necessary.
01-04-1969: It is recommended that one of the huts from Slaughteryard Creek Camp in Myrtleford District be transfered to the Warby Tower to replace the derelict hut near the tower.
13-01-1970: Another inspection found the legs to be sound and the bracing generally good with only two or three members requiring replacement because of timber defect or vandalism. The cabin was found to be completely beyond repair. It was held to the tower girts by a 0.5" diameter bolt at each corner but no bracing was included in the wall panels. It was recommended that the cabins be renewed and the tower be restored at an estimated cost of $1500. Further correspondence shows that a new cabin was installed.
05-08-1977: another inspection found the tower to be in good condition. Some minor repairs had been carried out to the cabin, floorboards had been replaced and masonite cladding replaced with flat iron sheeting due to gun-shot vandalism.
The Warby fire tower was last used in 1991 and is now in a derelict state.
The above information was supplied by the Historical Section of the NRE and came from a rapport by David Bannear.

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A copy with the tower info on the plaque at the site (1st photo) can be found here.
Information and Photos (2014) supplied by Parks Victoria and used with permission

In January 2017, we received the following details from Geoff Smith:
The Warby Tower got damaged by a bushfire, in the 1980s I think. It was and deemed to be beyond repair. It was left derelect for some time until it was demolished.

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