Grid Reference CU 445583
Department Melbourne Water
Work Depot Healesville
Region North East
Grading Secondary
Elevation (ASL) 640m
Height ?
Construction Tree
Cabin size ?
Public access to site No
In use since 194? - 196?
CFA Region 12 - North Eastern
This tower no longer exists.
The photo was taken by Leon Pederick in 1951 and supplied via Noel Fraser and used with permission.

It was located in the centre-east of the Wallaby Creek Water Catchment. It was used as a secondary tower and had telephone connection with local headquarters and Strath Tower.
An unconfirmed story tells us that Ted Roycroft cut the top off the tree for an extra 5 shillings in his pay.
The tree was cut down in 1966 or 1967 by Donald Evans an employee with Melbourne Water (then MMBW).

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