Grid Reference DU 096987
Department DEPI
Work Depot Mansfield
Region North East
Grading Secondary
Elevation (ASL) 660m
Height On Ground
Construction Brick/Timber
Cabin size 3m x 3m
Public access to site Yes
In use from 196? - 1996
CFA Region 12 - North Eastern
The Paps tower in 1985. Photos supplied by John Parker.

This tower no longer exists as a fire tower.

In notes supplied by David Bannear and dated 11th December 1963 it states:
"Further to the recent inspection of possible sites for a tower to cover the Delatite Plantation area, you are advised that the site on the southerly part of "The Paps" has been approved."
"A cabin similar to the one on Mt Wills was to be constructed." 11th December 1963

The Paps was manned to watch over many pine plantations around Lake Eildon, which were originally State owned and managed with assistance of DNRE (now DSE). I believe they were then changed to Corporation owned sites, with a lessened responsibility to the States and its Departments. They were sold privately and DNRE had no further responsibility as to their fire hazards, other than breakouts into National Parks and forest areas. As such, The Paps was decommissioned from its triangulation spotting role with other Primary towers at Eildon, Mt. Wombat and Mt. Buller.
The building structure was on a concrete slab. The ground floor section was built from besser brick and a timber-like slat construction on the upper watch area, concrete floor, the external parapet 360 degree walkway contained by a waist-height cyclone wire mesh security fence. The upper observation deck measured about 3m x 3m with a trap door ladder fed entry in the floor from the lower level.
Above information supplied by Bill Peasnell, the last towerman on The Paps.

The modified building is still on site. It exists for communication purpose only.

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The Paps now The Paps in 2011
supplied by Rob

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