Grid Reference DU 273131 (No. 1)
DU 278155 (No. 2)
Department DEPI
Work Depot Tanjil Bren
Region Gippsland
Grading ?
Elevation (ASL) 700m (No. 1)
1000m (No. 2)
Height 36m? (No. 1)
?m (No. 2)
Construction Tree (both)
Cabin size Small (both)
Public access to site Yes
In use since 1942 - 19??
CFA Region ? - Eastern
All photos and information supplied by Murray Ferguson

No. 1 tower was just south of the township and No. 2 was approx. 2.5km NNE of the township to cover some mills and logging areas not covered by No. 1.

An Annual Report of 1942 states: 2 spotting towers erected on lopped Messmate (E. Obliqua) spars on divide between Tanjil Rivers and connected by phone to Tanjil Bren Forest Office.

Stan Goodwill lopped the tree in the photo above (No. 1) and built the lower platform. Stan was Bush Boss for the Stawn & Davies Mill. During the construction of the cabin, a 4' chisel came down from the top and sliced through the rim of the hat of Ted Carson, who was standing below. After slicing through the hat, the chisel also sliced through Ted's buttocks and the back of his leg. He was wrapped up in a blanket and taken to hospital and had over 40 stitches to prove it.

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A - No. 1 tower just before the top is being lopped. Platform and Stan Goodwill are faintly visible in the top.
B - No. 1 tower overlooking the Tanjil Bren township in 1942.
C - Murray Ferguson went looking for the No. 1 tower in 1968 and found the tree cut in half but still standing.
D - Murray went back in 1997 and found the tree was cut down to avoid people climbing it.
It was completely overgrown, so Murray and his wife cleared the cover to expose the tree.
E - This photo was taken from the No. 2 tower and is the only known photo associated with the No. 2 tower.
The view is towards Mt. Whitelaw in the east. Note the dark patch just left of the centre, this is an unburnt patch of forest.
The whole area was ravaged by the "famous" 1939 fires.

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