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Grid Reference ?
Department DEPI
Work Depot Ballarat ?
Region South West
Grading ?
Elevation (ASL) ?
Height 10.5m
Construction Steel
Cabin size Platform only
Public access to site ?
In use since 1928?
CFA Region 15 - Central

In notes supplied by David Bannear and dated 30th January 1958 it states:
"This tower has been erected about 30 years. It is about 35' (10.5m) and is of iron construction, the legs being of 2" x 2" angle iron. It is served by an external ladder and has a 6' x 6' wooden platform with corner posts, hand rails and roof rails, all of iron. It requires renewal of floor joists, provision of walls of wood and windows and provision of a roof. the ladder required provision of safety rings and wire lacing to guard against anyone falling backwards from it.
Inspection of the iron indicated this was in good condition, except at ground level. Here the legs are rusted away about 50% so that the tower can not be regarded as safe.
It would be possible to have new footings made of angle iron at Brookwood, bolt these to the legs above the rusted portions, and set in concrete in the ground. This would make the tower quite safe for many more years.
The estimated cost to do all the work listed above is 150"
Approval was given the next day and work was to commence on the 12th February.

No further correspondence has been found about this tower

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