Grid Reference DU 210119 (Mt. Toorongo)
DU 226129 (Mt. McDonald)
Department DEPI
Work Depot Noojee
Region Gippsland
Grading Secondary
Elevation (ASL) 1240m (Mt. Toorongo)
1220m (Mt. McDonald)
Height 18m (Mt. Toorongo)
Construction Steel (Mt. Toorongo)
Timber (Mt. McDonald)
Cabin size 2.1m x 2.1m (Mt. Toorongo)
Public access to site Yes
In use since 19?? - 1968 (Mt. McDonald)
1969 - (Mt. Toorongoo)
CFA Region 9 - Eastern
Photo supplied by Paul Jones
Information supplied by Bluey Smythe. Bluey also supplied information for: Gentle Annie, Spion Kopje and Crossover towers, all in the Noojee district.

The original Mt. McDonald tower was about 2.5km from present site. It was a 2 story hut, living quarters downstairs and observation cabin upstairs. It was discarded when a new steel tower was erected for the 1969 season. That's when the tower had a location and a name change. It was discovered that there was already a Mt. McDonald in Victoria and it was changed to Mt. Toorongo. Old maps will show Mt. McDonald.

The following information was found in notes supplied by David Bannear.
The original lookout cabin on Mt. McDonald had been subject to vandalism for a few years and things were getting beyond repair so a request was made for a new tower. Planning started in 1966 and the notice of completion is dated 10th February 1969.
09-10-1981, a report on the safety of firetower ladders recommends a friction locking climbing system to be installed. This system was used by the MMBW (now known as Melbourne Water) towers. The friction lock carriage was mounted on a rail welded to the ladder. This carriage clipped onto a belt worn by the towerman, who then draws the carriage up or down the rail as he climbs. On slipping, the carriage locks and limits the climbers fall to the length of the strap connecting his belt and the carriage.
To our knowledge, this device was never installed. (see also Mt. Matlock)

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The tower in winter
supplied by NRE Noojee
hut in 1998
supplied by Paul Jones
Tower in 2004
supplied by Andre Belterman

The original tower
(Mt. McDonald)
The original tower
(Mt. McDonald)
The end of
Mt. McDonald

Above 3 thumbnail photos supplied by Murray Ferguson

Mt. Toorongo had it's cabin replaced in 2012

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