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Grid Reference Timber: EU 961276
Steel: EU 960275
Department DEPI
Work Depot Bairnsdale
Region Gippsland
Grading Primary
Elevation (ASL) 340m
Height 50m (tower)
21.5m (cabin)
Construction Steel
Cabin size 3.5m x 3.5m
Public access to site Yes
In use since 1930 - 1939 (original)
1939 - 1971 (photo)
1971 - current
CFA Region 11 - Eastern
Second and current tower. The cabin on the current tower is approx. halfway up.
Photo (2007) by Andre Belterman.

All information below was found in information supplied by David Bannear.

In the Forest Commission's Annual Report 1926-1927 it states:
"During the year, the following additional fire lookout stations were established: Creswick, Mt. Disappointment, Mt. Donna Buang, Mt. Drummer, Mt. Nowa Nowa, Beech Forest and Mt. Macedon.
Four of these stations were operating last summer, and all seven will be operating during the summer of '27-'28".
These were 'stations' only; clearings on mountains.

In December 1926, the Commission approved of the erection of a telephone line from quarters to lookout station.
Materials forwarded were: 10 coils No. 10m galvanised wire and 8 doz. barrel insulators.
The cost of the hut was not to exceed £30. but a quote of £52/15/- was later accepted.

In November 1928 a request was made to have the hut lined with 3Ply to make the living conditions for the observant more bearable. Estimated cost: £6

In the budget for 1929 / 1930 £106 is allocated for the erection of a tower.

1939, Recommends that Mt. Nowa Nowa lookout tower be connected to District Office by an extension bell.

In the budget for 1942 / 1943 £25 is allocated for maintenance to lookout towers at Mt. Nowa Nowa and Mt. Tara.

The wooden tower was inspected in 1977 "with a view to include the tower in a forest tour to be conducted for members of the public." Some alterations were made to timber platforms and stairways and the legs of the tower were treated with a preservative to make them last longer.

In David Bannear's report on Historic Forest Activity sites of 01-12-1979 he states: "The Mt. Nowa Nowa Firetower is historically significant as a rare artefact associated with the evolution of the State's fire detection system."
"The Mt. Nowa Nowa Firetower is scientifically rare as surviving example of an early form of timber firetower, similar in design and appearance to many others which were erected throughout Victoria during the 1940's."

Please click on thumbnails for enlargements
Wooden tower in May 2007
bottom ladder has been removed
Aircondioned cabin Current cabin
in Telecom tower (2007)
The old and the current
supplied by Paul Jones (2007)
Photos supplied by Andre Belterman

The old wooden tower was impacted by the devastating fires in January 2020 and sadly burnt to the ground.

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1st photo: the approaching fire on Dec 31st 2019. 2nd & 3rd photo: the wooden tower burning on Jan 4th 2020 at 12.17hrs and 12.50hrs
Photos supplied by DELWP

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