Grid Reference BU 597032
Department DEPI
Work Depot Anakie
Region South West
Grading Primary
Elevation (ASL) 398m
Height 3.4m
Construction Steel
Cabin size 3.45m x 3.45m
Public access to site Yes
In use since 1950 - 2000
2001 -
CFA Region 7 - Central
Mt. Anakie's first tower was built 4th January 1950 by Ted Tucker & Alan Butcher, both long time Anakie residents. It was made of poles with paling cladding up to waist height and a galvanised roof. The following year, drop-down wooden sides were added for security. Communication to the township was via an Army surplus telephone.
The first towerman is thought to be Athol Gordon and volunteers have relieved the various towerman over the years. Frank Bourquin is probably the best remembered towerman; one summer, fire raced up the NW face of Mt. Anakie towards the tower. Two of Frank's comments over the radio are preserved in history: "I can see smoke but I don't know where it's coming from!!", and: "I'm leaving the tower to fight the fire with a knapsack..... hang on, Ray Tucker has just turned up". (Ray had driven a "K" type Bedford ute up the precipitously steep NW face between rocks and boulders and with a FULL water tank attached. They had the fire quickly under control on the summit.
Frank passed away a few years ago & true to his last request, his ashes were scattered from the top of Mt. Anakie.
Such is the dedication of a towerman.
The tower has undergone a couple of basic refurbishments through the years but still only has an RACV rating of minus 3 stars
Photo and above information supplied by Ray O'Shanassy.

This tower was replaced in 2001. The replacement tower was the old traffic control tower from Avalon Airport near Geelong. It can be seen in the third photo below.
The first photo on the second row was taken after it suffered some storm damage.

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Mt. Anakie in 1989
Supplied by Rocky Marsden DSE
Mt. Anakie during 2006 fires
Supplier unknown
February 2008
Supplied by Nathan Jolly
April 2008
Supplied by Gerrie Bussem
(West of England tower)
Sign on gate in May 2009
Supplied by Richard Webb
Locks on gate in May 2009
Supplied by Richard Webb

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