Grid Reference CV 217485
Department DEPI
Work Depot Rushworth
Region North West
Grading Primary
Elevation (ASL) 60m
Height 18m
Construction Steel
Cabin size 2.1m x 2.1m
Public access to site Yes
In use since 1966? -
CFA Region 22 - North Eastern
Photo supplied by Gerrie Bussem

There is a little conflict about public access to this tower. The local residents have contributed to the observation tower, but there is currently a sign saying: climbing prohibited.
Information supplied by Ron Jolley

In the Fire Tower Review of 1989 it states that the base was built in 1966 and the cabin added in 1979/80

This tower had a $45.000 upgrade in 2001. A new cabin replaced the old metal 'hot box' (temperatures up to 45 degrees have been recorded), improvements were made to the telecommunication system and a constant power supply has been provided to reduce the reliance on solar power.
(information found in the CFA newsletter "The Fireman" July 2001)

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First photo shows inside the cabin (supplied by Gerrie Bussem, West of England tower). Second photo shows the tower in 1989 (supplied by Rocky Marsden, DSE). Third photo shows the cabin in 1998 (supplied by David Turner, DSE).

Growlers Hill in Sept. 2014. Photos supplied Andre Belterman

Growlers Hill received a new cabin in late 2014. Photos (2015) supplied George Mabon

The tower in the end of April 2018. The tower was visited as part of the end-of-season-FLO-gathering.
Photos supplied by Andre Belterman.

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