Tower Number Maryborough No. 6
Department QPWS
Work Centre ?
Region South East Exotic
Previous District Maryborough
Elevation (ASL) ?
Height 25m + 2m cabin
Construction Timber (4 legs)
Cabin size ?
Public access to site Yes
In use since 1958 - 19??
Photos © Queensland DPI Forestry and used with permission (taken in 1958)

The tower is in 5 sections with cabin inside poles to window sill. Internal stairs, landings and rails to external deck and access.
This tower is allegedly built by a Mr. Pigeon, a Forestry carpenter. Timbers used for the legs are reputed Satinay trees from Fraser Island. The south west footing was replaced by Arthur Leis. The tower is located approx. 5km southwest of Tuan Forest station. The area is plantion timber. A square timber cabin at the top of the tower is accessed by timber stairs which rise through the platforms. Tuan West was the oldest fire tower used in the Maryborough District.

Please click on thumbnails for enlargements of the construction

The above photos were taken and supplied by Graeme Wilson in Nov. 2019. The last 4 photos were taken with his drone.
Graeme also has some drone footage of this tower on his YouTube channel. Please click here for 1st video, here for 2nd video, here for 3rd video, and here for 4th video.

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