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Tower Number Gympie No. 2
Department QPWS
Work Centre ?
Region South East Exotic
Previous District Maryborough
Elevation (ASL) ?
Height 18m
Construction Timber (4 legs)
Cabin size ?
Public access to site Yes
In use since 1947 - 19??
Photo © Queensland DPI Forestry and used with permission (taken in 1947)

It is in four sections, cabin inside poles to window sill with trap door access. It has internal ladders and full floor landings.
It looked over Plantation timber.

The tower is still standing but very run down and no longer used. Info supplied by Jared Murray

We have now conformation that the tower has been dismanteld but still stacked on site (Jan 2017) Tobias Caldicott reported the following and supplied the photos below:
This tower site is located in Goomboorian National Park, about 25 minutes from Gympie, The national park was once state forest, It was essentially forgotten about, by both National Parks and HQPlantations. Thus road access is limited and Queensland Gov topo maps are not 100% correct for the National Park. The Tower itself was in a heap on the ground, it appears it was actually demolished, as it is a neat job and you can see where she has been cut. This happened sometime after 2013, as the tower is mentioned in the National Park management report as still standing, but highly run down.

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