Grid Reference -33.073651, 116.162734 (GDA)
Department DEC
Work Centre ?
District Wellington
Grading ?
Elevation (ASL) 390m
Height 15m
Construction Timber
Cabin size ?
Public access to site ?
In use since 1936 - 1970
Photo was found on the 'Memories of Harvey' FaceBook site and used with permission. Photo courtesy Lillian Garnett.

Tower was demolished in 1970.

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Screenshot of old map supplied by MLC in late 2019. MLC also reported: Co-ordinates approx.

In a Collie Mail Newspaper article from Feb 18th 1937, Page 3, it states:
'Forestry Settlements.
During his inspection, Mr Smith was accompanied by Mr Bedmall? of the Forestry Department with whom he visited forestry settlements near Mt. Ross lookout tower. The outlook towers served a very valuable purpose Mr. Smith said, for they were connected by telephone and when a fire broke out the exact locality would be quickly ascertained. In this way it was possible to control fires before they gained too big a hold. Good homes were provided for the employees and their families at the settlements Mr Smith added while there was a school for the children. The soil was good and the houses were well situated.'

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