Grid Reference DT 336901
Department DEPI
Work Depot Erica
Region Gippsland
Grading Secondary
Elevation (ASL) 456m
Height 18m
Construction Steel
Cabin size 2.1m x 2.1m
Public access to site Yes
In use since 19?? - 1968 (original wooden)
1968 - current
CFA Region 9 - Eastern
Photos supplied by Andre Belterman

Found in correspondence dated 12th June 1968: the present wooden tower is in poor condition and its replacement is becoming a matter of urgency.
July 1976: Wilful vandalism was reported to the Erica office. The galvanised steel ladder had been cut and removed, parts were found 30m from tower. Nuts and washers were removed from footings and diagonal bracings, louvre windows smashed and wall map and backing board were destroyed.
Urgent repairs were carried out and nuts and washers were spotwelded to the bolts and a security fence was erected to prevent people from repeating the vandalism.

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Current cabin since 200?

Mt. Tanjil had it's cabin and ladders replaced in 2014

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