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Grid Reference FU 058935
Department DEPI
Work Depot Nowa Nowa
Region Gippsland
Grading Primary
Elevation (ASL) 1230m
Height 13m
Construction Steel
Cabin size 3m x 3m
Public access to site Yes
In use since 1958 - 1965 (timber)
1965 - current
CFA Region 11 - Eastern

The original tower was constructed in 1958 but it burnt down in the 1965 bushfires. The current tower has been there ever since. The original hut was 2km below the tower, the first towerman rode his horse to work, and the hut was shifted in 1965. The hut burnt down after a 'party' in 1980 and was replaced by a more modern hut.

Photo (1998) and information supplied by Lois Brownbridge. Lois also supplied info on Mt. McLeod, Mt. Johnson, Mt. Tara and Stringers Knob.

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Photocopy scanned from notes supplied by David Bannear.

The information below was also found in notes supplied by David.

28-01-1947: The following appropriation has been approved by the Commission.
Erection of lookout tower, patrol hut and clearing of site at Mt. Seldom Seen, linking tower to Gelantipy by telephone.
The construction of the road was approved the year before at an estimated cost of £2160. The construction was to take approx. 8 weeks.

The fibreglass cabin from the Seldom Seen tower was damaged during the 2003 Alpine fires and replaced. The old cabin was put to good use at the local Wulgulmerang sports ground; it serves now as a commentary box!

Photo was copied from DSE Fire Web and it's contributor was Adrian Bloch

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After the 2003 fires
supplied by
Rachel Dawkins DSE
After the 2003 fires
supplied by
Rachel Dawkins DSE
After the refurbishments
supplied by
Rachel Dawkins DSE
New living quaters
after the 2003 fires
Supplier unknown
Original tower??
Supplier unknown
1998 supplied by
David Turner DSE

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