Grid Reference EU 503991
Department DEPI
Work Depot Swifts Creek
Region Gippsland
Grading Primary
Elevation (ASL) 1206m
Height 33m
Construction Steel
Cabin size 2.25m x 2.25m
Public access to site Yes
In use since 1961 - 198? (old)
198? - current

CFA Region 11 - Eastern
Photo taken in 1989 and supplied by Rocky Marsden (DSE)
This tower is known as Mt. Sam although in some documentation it's named as Sam Hill.

I received the following info from Wayne Hedrick in May 2010:
I would like to add that Mt Sam lookout was first manned by my dad, Harold James (Curly) Hedrick who worked for the Forest Commission for many years. I reckon Dad started working on the tower in 1961/62, after first helping to build it. I used to stay with him during the holidays and have great memories of staying in the hut and climbing the ladder. The views were the greatest from Kossy (Mt. Kosciusko) to the High Plains. The road up was fairly rugged and tested the Austin A40 a few times. No need for a fridge; it was always cold. One of the lighter moments at Mt Sam was when the chimney on the hut caught fire and dad had to call it in and leave the tower to put it out. Another story is dad was sitting up in the tower and a huge eagle crashed into the glass trying to attack his head, frightened hell out of him. I had many good times there, I found that the beetles and other insects were totally different than where we lived in Benambra.

The tower received a new cabin in Dec 2011 and the ladder system was updated in the winter of 2013

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current Mt Sam in 2011
with old cabin
supplied by Matt O'Brien
Un-used hut @ Mt Sam
supplied by Matt O'Brien
current Mt Sam in 2014
with new cabin
supplied by Andre Belterman

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