Grid Reference DV 703879
Department DEPI
Work Depot Beechworth
Region North East
Grading Primary
Elevation (ASL) 545m
Height 4m
Construction Steel
Cabin size 2.1m x 2.1m
Public access to site Yes
In use since 19?? - 1961 (original)
1961 - 2015

CFA Region 23 - North Eastern
Photo supplied by Paul Jones

The following details were supplied by Gordon Habeck, a long time towerman at Mt. Pilot.
Mt. Pilot stands on a rocky outcrop in the Chiltern-Mt. Pilot National Park. It protects a Box-Ironbark forest. The original tower was a wooden structure, it's believed to be destroyed by lightning, details are unknown yet. The steel structure was put up in 1961 with a corrugated-iron cabin. This cabin was replaced in 1995 with the cabin from Mt. Stanley after that tower was replaced.
The area was severly burnt in 2003 but the tower survived.

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Mt. Pilot in 2009
Supplied by Andre Belterman
At the bottom of the tower
Supplied by Andre Belterman

Mt. Pilot was taken out of service in 2015 due to problems with the lightning protection system. Specialist works were undertaken to improve the lightning protection system at Mt Pilot in early January 2016, however, subsequent testing then found that while the works improved protection levels, the tower did not meet the relevant Australian Standard. The tower was not staffed during the 2015-16 fire season and it was decided to replace the tower with a new tower on Mt Barambogie, approx. 9km to the West.

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