Grid Reference YD 290270
Department DEPI
Work Depot Ballarat
Region South West
Grading Primary
Elevation (ASL) 480m
Height 18m
Construction Steel
Cabin size 2.4m x 2.4m
Public access to site No
In use since 1946 - 1976
1976 - current
CFA Region 15 - Central
Photo taken by Wayne McGuire (2007) and supplied by Darren Pollard

In a DSE Fire Tower Review from 1989, it states;"The existing tower will require additional section fitted within the next 2 years to enable vision over growing pines which surround the tower. SEC (power) should be fitted to tower cabin ASAP."

Please click on thumbnails for enlargements
Tower in 1998
supplied by David Turner DSE
Tower in 2006, after fires
supplied by Wayne McGuire
Tower in 2007
supplied by Wayne McGuire
Tower in 2008
supplied by Nathan Jolly
Tower in 2011
supplied by Andre Belterman

Cherrytree Hill had it's cabin refurbished in 2013

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