Tower Number Coondarra No. 5
Department DPIF
Work Centre ?
Region South West
Previous District Dalby
Elevation (ASL) ?
Height 44m
Construction Timber (3 legs)
Cabin size ?
Public access to site ?
In use since
Removed in
1970 - ????
Photo (1970) © Queensland DPI Forestry and used with permission

This is the second tallest tower in Queensland and looks over Native Forest.

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The tower site in 2015. Photos supplied by Carl Bacon

Carl reported back in Aug 2017 with some sad news:
"I have some rather disappointing news in relation to a number of towers around my area here in Chinchilla after a recent 4x4 trip around the state forest here. It appears as though QPWS have issued the order to demolish all of the existing towers within the Barkula and Bollon state forests. I can confirm that below towers have been demolished and removed from site. Some of these towers (Coondarra & Turkey Mt) have been transported to the local museum here in Chinchilla for restoration and display in the near future.
· Turkey Mountain #6 (Cabin removed)
· Coondarra #5 (Tower and footings complete removed)
· Wongongera #8 (Tower and footings complete removed)
· Mt George #7 (Tower and footings complete removed)
I was actually lucky to arrive at Coondarra tower just before it was loaded onto a truck and carted away."

The cabin, just before it was loaded onto the truck and the now empty site. Photos supplied by Carl Bacon in Aug 2017

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