Grid Reference ?
Department N/A
Work Depot N/A
Region N/A
Grading N/A
Elevation (ASL) 250m
Height 11m
Construction Timber (Tallowood - E microcorys)
Cabin size 2.5m x 2.5m
Public access to site No
In use since 195? - 197?
2018 -
Photo above is of the beautiful restored tower and taken in Dec 2018. All photos and information supplied by Ben Montford

Stoney Mountain firetower is located near Booral NSW and overlooks the Kauah Valley catchment. It was originally built in the 1950's by the Masonite Corporation and used up until the 1970's.
The tower was destroyed by fire in the early 1980's, all that remained was the lower steel ladder section.
With the help of some old photos and local people, the tower was re-built by enthusiasts in the original location. That location is now on private property and the tower is currently (Jan 2019) not used as a Fire Tower.

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The first photo was supplied by Ben Montford via Laurie Bowden. It was taken by Arthur Isaac. Crane operator Laurie Bowden, Mick Young on the Jib.
The second photo was supplied by Ben Montford via Tony Lyall who took the photo not long before it burnt down in the early 1980's.

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