Grid Reference ??
Department Forests NSW
Work Depot Tumut ?
Region Hume
Grading ?
Elevation (ASL) 927m
Height ?m
Construction Steel
Cabin size ?
Public access to site ?
In use since 1988 -
Photo (June 2011) and info supplied by Mal Baker. The tower is NE of Tumut on the northwestern edge of Buccleuch State Forest.
Malcom Baker was the first FLO on this tower in 1988
The tower is located on the NW edge of the Buccleuch State Forest, NE of Tumut.
Mal Baker writes in 2011: "Early on, access to the tower was through grazing country with about 8 gates to open and close each way taking sometimes up to 40 minutes to reach the tower from home which if my memory serves me correctly was about 16 Kms.. Nowadays, with a pine plantation established between home and the tower and decent roads constructed, the distance has been reduced to about 14 kms and the time taken to reach the tower is about 20 minutes with only 2 gates to open and shut.
The longest day I have put in in a tower (including travelling) was about 14 hours at Kangaroo Tower within 2 weeks of it's opening. This was due to thunderstorms from early in the morning continuing throughout the day".

This tower was upgraded in 2002. The upgrade involved replacing the platformes and refurbishing the fibreglass cabins.

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Cabin close-up,
supplied in 2011
by Malcom Baker
supplied in 2011
by Malcom Baker
Rock cairn to support
the Trig point,
supplied in 2011
by Malcom Baker

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