Grid Reference -35.142191, 149.091320 (GDA)
Department ?
District ?
Region ?
Grading ?
Elevation (ASL) 875m
Height ?
Construction Steel
Cabin size ?
Public access to site ?
In use since 1994 -
The source of the photo is unknown

This tower is primarily situated to detect fires at the rural/urban interface area. It provides an excellent view of the northern part of Canberra, especially in the areas of Gungahlin and much of the central and inner south of Canberra.
In addition, it will give a clear view of areas to the north west of the ACT, where the ACT may be vulnerable to any larger fires approaching.

In the document "A History of ACT Fire Towers" it states: On 5 October 1994, the new One Tree Hill fire-detection tower was opened by the Minister for Urban Services, David Lamont. The tower - at the northern end of the hilly range behind the village of Hall – was the latest addition to the fire-tower detection network operating around the ACT region.

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