Grid Reference -35.316511, 149.010427 (GDA)
Department ?
District ?
Region ?
Grading ?
Elevation (ASL) 780m
Height ?
Construction Timber
Cabin size ?
Public access to site Yes?
In use since 1926 - 19??
Photo was taken from the document below (Fire Lookout on an erected pole)

The Canberra Times of 18th Nov 1926 reported: A fire lookout has been established on the top of Mount Stromlo, and is in telephonic communication with Head Quarters at Acton.

An article, (Fire Lookout on an erected pole) about the Stromlo Pole tower was written by L. D. Pryor and H. C. Wickettl. It appeared in a publication by Australian Forestry, Volume 6 1941-Issue 1.
A pdf copy of the article can be found here.

It looks like the life span of the tower was short lived. The Canberra Times of 20th November 1930 reported:
"It is, however, not yet clear as to whether the new vote will remove the menace now existing by recent economy decisions. Despite the Minister's assurance in Parliament on Tuesday regarding the absence of a fire menace to our forests, it remains a fact that a decision was recently made to save 400 (pounds) a year by eliminating the customary provision of fire breaks this year. The decision provides a distinct menace to the safety of human beings as well as that of the forests. It is also a fact that the fire look-out was abandoned at Mt. Stromlo and telephone communication for controlling the fire-fighting organization was stopped. The forest gangs had also been withdrawn from outlying camps, thus removing effective safeguards against fire outbreaks".
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